Our in-house processing enables us to offer standard square cut hollow sections working to very accurate tolerances on products up to 610mm diameter and 500x300mm.

Mitre cutting up to 60 degrees to achieve shapes like - picture frames (45 Deg both ends but opposite directions) or parallelograms (same angle cut in the same direction). We can also cut double parallel mitres on circular hollow sections which is a much specialised process.

We currently supply finished cut to length components into the following sectors:

Cutting Capabilities

Due to substantial investment in capital equipment, we are able to offer our customers the highest possible levels of service.

Each one of our saws has unique properties; our AMADA HK 800 can cold saw sections or bundles up to 600mm both square and mitred, our BEHRINGER HBP 530A which is a fully automatic bandsaw can cut bundles up to 700 x 500mm in dimension with a high degree of accuracy.
The Bauer VG650 ST is a fully automatic bandsaw incorporating mitre cutting to 60 degrees on square, rectangular and circular hollow section, offering parallel double mitres on all products up to 508mm diameter.

Our latest edition the Behringer HBE411A, enables us to add further efficiency to repetitive component cutting with its solid and durable construction, sensitive downfeed control system and energy efficient drive. Handling material up to 406mm outside diameter & 500 x 300 RHS, it's at home cutting anything from 50 x 50 x 3 to 400 x 400 x 20 from stock.

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